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7548 Draper Ave., La Jolla CA  92037


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What our customers say…

I got a couple demos from these guys. The process of obtaining the demos was quick and easy.
The person at the store had excellent advice about rackets that I might like. The demo rackets were strung really well with high quality string. This last point is really important.
I had tried demos at other places, but the strings were so bad that I came away with a poor impression of the racket.

When I mentioned Racket String Workshop to my tennis friends, they all already knew of it and said it was by far the best pro shop in town. I guess I am late to the game, but am a big fan now!


Awesome, awesome experience. The guys are super friendly. Strung my racket in a day and gave me a few demos for free while I waited. Going to go back soon.

Awesome place! Would highly recommend.


This place is awesome. Small shop but really knowledgable employees. They have great demos on hand and would definitely recommend anyone who is looking to buy a racket or try one out here.  I wasn’t charged to demo any racquets and they ended up giving me a deal on everything I bought.  I did the online demo thing and the prices were the same.  That being said I much rather work with local business and get the instant gratification.


This is one of the secret businesses you occasionally stumble upon.  It is in a shack on Draper Avenue across from the La Jolla Library.

RSW sells all things tennis, shoes, socks, caddies, etc.  The least expensive tennis rackets are out front on the used rack with $80.00 being the cheapest I’ve seen.  The new ones run up into the nose bleed section.

I paid a $20.00 rental fee that allowed me to try out various rackets until I settled on one.

As cool as the $20.00 fee is the the best part of the experience are the guys who run the place.  They have been there for years and are very patient and helpful.

While pricey it is definitely worth searching out.


Hidden little gem of a store – been going for years now. Great stringing services, great selection of shoes, racquets, grips, strings, socks, hats, bags, accessories, etc. They keep a lot of Babolat products well stocked, too, which is a super plus.  Great prices. Love this little tennis shack.


I’ve known about this shop for 27 years now, since 1986. It is a gem in the middle of LaJolla and whether or not you’re even a tennis player you should go visit it and say hi. Fantastic shop, wonderful people.


I picked up tennis last year and after sampling a bunch of their rackets I finally made a purchase.  Their racket rental program is fantastic, where you pick it up one day, play with it for a few, then return it and check out another.  Because of this I was able to pick out the perfect racket that I play with every time out.

Thanks for your help, guys!


I’ve never been so well treated before. They work fast, got my racquet re-strung in one hour. Super nice guy.


First and foremost…great Customer Service, the guys are always friendly.  The shop is small but they still carry a nice selection of products.

Definitely stop in if you are in the area!


It had been about 10 years since I purchased my racquet, and while I’m not a professional, I felt like it was time to restring the thing. What I found from doing a little online research is that you should restring your racquet the numbers of times per year that you play per week. So, since I play about once per week, I deduced that 1 time per 10 years was good enough for me (I like to extend the life of things…). I shopped around; I gave a couple of small shops and Sports Authority calls. All pricing for low end strings were about the same and the upper end is about $60 something. The person who picked up the phone at the other small shop wasn’t nearly as pleasant as the person who answers this place’s phone. Choice made. My strings cost me $24 bucks and I appreciated that the shop was willing to stay open after 6pm when I called and told them that I was running a tad late and would be there 20 minutes after their official close time. Support the small business owner and check this place out for your tennis needs. They also have some shoes and other gear.


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