Babolat Pure Drive VS

There’s been a lot of talk and speculation about Babolat’s newest addition to the Pure Drive series – the Pure Drive VS. True to the Pure Dirve series, it’s going to appeal to power players and ‘finally’ (as some have longed for) offering a 98 sq. in. head size Pure Drive. With the VS designation, it’s a ‘tour’ player frame. So, power and more control, PLUS they are looking to satisfy the serious players by selling ‘matched’ pairs of frames. Babolat guarantees each racket is within 1.9 grams of each other. After our first play test the pair we tried were right on spec, there was no difference in play between the two rackets. But the real test is to try them out for yourself on the court. The unstrung weight is 10.6 oz (300g), while most ‘tour’ frames tend to weigh a bit more. But having said that, the play test will say more than anything you read, so stop by to demo one at our shop. There’s sure to be a lot of comments on this matched pairs idea, but if you’re someone who typically has two of the same frames (as most tournament players do), then you are in for a treat with this latest release from Babolat. To learn more about the 2019 Pure Drive VS: CLICK HERE


Head Size: 98 sq. in MP
Length: 27 inches
Weight unstrung: 10.6 oz / 300 g
Tension: 50-59 Pounds
Balance: 4 Pts Head Light
Beam Width: 21/23mm
Composition: Graphite
Flex: 66
Grip Type: Babolat Syntec Pro
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses