It had been about 10 years since I purchased my racquet, and while I’m not a professional, I felt like it was time to restring the thing. What I found from doing a little online research is that you should restring your racquet the numbers of times per year that you play per week. So, since I play about once per week, I deduced that 1 time per 10 years was good enough for me (I like to extend the life of things…). I shopped around; I gave a couple of small shops and Sports Authority calls. All pricing for low end strings were about the same and the upper end is about $60 something. The person who picked up the phone at the other small shop wasn’t nearly as pleasant as the person who answers this place’s phone. Choice made. My strings cost me $24 bucks and I appreciated that the shop was willing to stay open after 6pm when I called and told them that I was running a tad late and would be there 20 minutes after their official close time. Support the small business owner and check this place out for your tennis needs. They also have some shoes and other gear.